Ammon Bundy Breaks His Silence with Dave Hodges, Hear His Side of the Story!!!!!

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Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

12 Jan, 2016
Dave Hodges

Ammon Bundy, leading the way for the restoration of property rights for ranchers and Native Americans in the West.

Ammon Bundy, leading the way for the restoration of property rights for ranchers and Native Americans in the West.burn

On January 10, 2016, Ammon Bundy was to have been a guest on The Common Sense Show.

The Common Sense Show interviewed Ammon Bundy and this time, the feds were not able to interfere. This interview came the day after the feds took down the communications of The Common Sense Show as well as the Patriots led by Ammon Bundy.

Both the established contact with the Bundy camp and the facilitation of the interviewed was secured by the health reporter of The Common Sense Show, Katy Whelan.

The show, itself, began as an interview with Sheila Ziliniski and we discussed some of the content of her recent book, The Green Gospel. After a great deal of difficulty, and two days of chasing…

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2016: The Year of Conscious Activism, by Josh del Sol at Take Back Your Power

A must read!

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

January 01, 2016
by Josh del Sol
(via email)


The real-world Force awakens — in all of us.

Let’s be honest. 2015 has been a very trying year on the whole. I can relate to what so many around the world are sensing, like there’s an epic battle of light and dark happening. It’s not just the Star Wars talking. It’s been really difficult watching the war of duality in the real world, with real people.

Most of what seemed true and reliable in our world, we’re finding out simply isn’t what we thought. Radiation-pulsing utility meters and “space Wi-Fi” surveillance agendas to blanket the planet and fry the atmosphere…seriously? Our utilities and communication industry have become agents of harm. The science, the symptoms, and our hearts all speak loud and clear that this is the path to the dark side.

Yet on the positive side, while we are faced…

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Vindicated: Paris Events Meet the False Flag Checklist

Jay's Analysis

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By: Jay

Already numerous patterns I listed in my initial analysis, as well as others consonant with false flags, have made themselves apparent in the Paris shooting and hostage incidents. Also apparent are the predictable results that follow these events. We have seen all of the following:

1. Mass mainstream media buildup and rollout, with ready-made “placards” to call global attention to event

2. Questionable videos and details of the event, as well as drills or security buildup prior

3. Military training for the perpetrators, while the “terror” suspects with deep state connections and rap sheets run free

4. A false dialectic of left versus radicalism polarizing public consumption of propaganda

5. Investigators and key individuals in the event end up “suicided”

6. Media quickly fingers low IQ duped patsies based on magical ID appearance (think 9/11)

7. More funding for militarization, surveillance and police state with media…

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